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Is it possible to see bacteria with the naked eye?

Yes, Thiomargarita namibiensis and Epulopiscium fishelsoni- are up to half a millimetre long and are visible to the unaided eye


Something like bacteria, black dots and worm like structure in my eyes?
When I look at a light or sky I can see something like bacteria moving all around my eyes and few black dots and only one worm like structure in my eyes.

They are called floaters. Little embryonic cells inside your eye called mysodesopsia. Nothing to worry about unless it gets worse .

Sometimes I swear I can see organisms floating either on my eye or in the air when light reflects on my eye a?
One in particular I have been seeing looks similar to the streptococci bacteria and it wiggles around. Are these actually on my eye, and is there any explination for this?

They're called floaters, most nearsighted people have them and unless there is a sudden change with a lot more they are totaly benign…

Thiomargarita namibiensis: il batterio visibile a occhio nudo

Scoperto da ricercatori del Max Planck di Brema, è grande circa un terzo di millimetro, e può essere fino a 100 volte più grande dei più grandi batteri conosciuti

simulazione di “floaters”

a volte capita, ma non sono questi che intendo