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Wilcock a Zurigo
Bill Ryan from Project Camelot opening the Zurich conference july 12-2009.this is an extract from his video presentation, in this video he is reminded by david wilcock to talk about something likely to happen on november 27th of 2009.according to pete peterson i think he's a whistleblower, the television time has already been book for U.S president obama to announce to the world the contact with 6 different friendly E.T races,in the second part he talks about an abductee he had the opportunity to talk to, who said had a very powerful revelation about E.T contact, that probably may happen on november 21st or 22nd of 2009.Let's hope,manifest and intent that our galactic family finally reveal themselves to humanity..!

Wilcock ricorda a Bill Ryan dal Project Camelot a Zurigo, 12 luglio 2009, di parlare di cio che potrebbe accadere il 27 novembre 2009. Secondo Pete Peterson, la tv ha gia in programma l'annuncio di Obama al mondo della realtà del contatto con 6 diverse razze et! Nella seconda parte parla di un addotto che ha avuto rivelazioni su un contatto che potrebbe avvenire a fine novembre 2009.