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In the process of writing 2012 Enigma, I went through the single most massive review of all the research I've ever done in my life — and synthesized all of it into a single document of “raw data” to extract from.

This document ended up reaching 342 single-spaced pages in length when all was said and done. Literally!

And if I arranged everything in that document in linear order, it would be an incredibly fascinating, mind-blowing read in and of itself — but the book will be way, way better.

My research included over nine feet worth of website articles I printed and bound off the Internet from 1999 to about 2004, (a shocking number of which disappeared, and occasionally cannot even be found in archive.org any longer).

I also went through possibly an even greater number of additional links from 2004 to the present that I copied and pasted into my private journal. It was from that same collection that I extracted “Disclosure Endgame” last December.

My massive research bonanza also included an audit and review of every published mass-market book I've ever bought, read and made liner notes in.

I'm not kidding when I say I've never even dared try to attempt something of this scope before.

In the past I'd get too wrapped up in the creative process, not get enough exercise or time away from the computer, and have one or two weeks of immense productivity followed by equally long 'crash' periods where I'd get sick and be unable to do anything but lie in bed and try to massage the steel-hard muscle knots out of my neck.


Here's the best part… Literally, and I say this without BS or hesitation, everything I've ever written, every lecture I've ever given and every radio show I've ever done is now obsolete.

Those who attended my latest events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii only got a taste of all the new stuff I've found — and those tidbits alone were game-changers.

Even since I've gotten back from Hawaii, I have had enough new research breakthroughs that five more books could be written just on those new data points by themselves.

Combining all of this together under one roof will create a truly epic masterpiece of science and spirit — perhaps the most remarkable metaphysical book ever written. And it will also represent an irreversible step forward in human collective knowledge.

As you can obviously tell, I'm so excited about this that I'm practically bouncing off the walls, so bear with me as I'm sure this probably sounds way over the top. I'm just sharing my authentic process for those who care to listen.

This has been a tremendous Ascension experience within my own intellectual and spiritual understandings.