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Some of the really good stuff is getting ready to be launched in an epic new free video I'm about to release — 2012 Event Horizon. We are working out the final kinks. Don't flame me. I'm not lying to you. We are very, very close — and it is going to ROCK!

My director Jay Frankenberger was invited to have a YouTube Director's Account for the work he did on the 2012 Enigma book promo video, and we're hoping that YouTube will agree to making this into the Divine Cosmos Director's Account — since the invitation came as a result of the production value and hit counter of a Divine Cosmos video.

If so, I will be able to feature the whole film, undisturbed, on YouTube — rather than having to break it up into ten-minute chunks. Little did I know when I uploaded 2012 Enigma to Google Video in full-length form that it would soon be very, very difficult to do so.


What we end up seeing, in the bigger picture, is that time is not linear — it is cyclical.

We literally cannot go through time without being affected by cycles from the past. There are energies that affect our consciousness, and our free-will decisions, in a much stronger fashion than we would ever dare to believe is possible.

One of Masson's most impressive correlations was in showing that the Watergate scandal was almost identical to an event that happened in Roman history 2160 years earlier — where Scipio Africanus was accused of corruption, refused to produce the potentially self-incriminating documents, and was forced to resign.

That's the crazy part. Our own free will — the choices we make each and every day — can now be shown to have a direct effect on how our lives turn out, popping us into new timelines with events that can be seen in advance.

We can see this in the dance of historical cycles as well — with the ebb and flow of our nations' collective consciousness.

The cycles offer us “choice points” where we can either do the same thing we've already been doing, thus causing history to repeat itself, or make different choices… and thus change the outcome….


I was particularly surprised by this section, as Graham unknowingly gave a perfect description of a little-known point we find in the Law of One series!

Apparently the Neanderthals were fully intelligent, fully-functional souls, like us, who were trapped in bodies that could not allow them to speak — nor had the dexterity to allow them to really build a civilization.

According to Ra, this was karmic alleviation — as these souls had originated on a planet that once lived where we now have the Asteroid Belt, and they blew themselves to smithereens by not keeping their own negative elite in check.

This was a long, long time ago, and the amount of damage it caused was quite extreme.

The people from 'Maldek' made a conscious, collective decision, once they finally got UN-tangled from the “knot of fear” that this disaster created, to incarnate on Earth with their minds intact — but in bodies that could not allow them to develop into a civilization capable of destroying themselves again….


Wilcock ha trovato importanti collegamenti tra il Ra Material e il nuovo libro di Hancock