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The statement on this sign expresses one of the great myths about evolution theory – the notion of “evolution-by-necessity.” According to this myth, if a feature is “needed” then it should appear – by evolution. Evolutionary scientists agree that there is nothing in modern evolution theory that would support such a claim.

per esempio qui spiega che molti scambiano la teoria moderna dell'evoluzione con lìevoluzione per necessità, soprattutto i creazionisti (sembra una partita di calcio fra due squadre).

Oppure parlando del mito fantascientifico delle mutazioni stile fantastici 4 dice:

This myth suggests that in a single instance genetic mutations can produce fully functional new biological systems. This is an example of “spontaneous creation”, not evolution.

This is a gross oversimplification. Genetic mutations do occur, but the results are mostly benign, or harmful if not outright fatal.

This myth addresses the notion of “adaptation” evolution. Darwin proposed the ecological phenomenon of “natural selection” to explain how useful features might arise – possibly after many incremental steps of evolution by natural selection. Not by a single event.

nel documento spiega tante cose che ora possiamo vedere da un'ottica differente.
forse la “spontaneous creation” non è un mito…