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Disclosure is no longer a fantasy. It is actively happening now — and the strength and potency of the information being released is continually increasing.

I am very happy to announce that I have now gotten directly involved in the Disclosure process on a mainstream media level — by appearing in the History Channel documentary series “Ancient Aliens.”

The History Channel thing started as a fluke. They wanted to discuss an obscure data point with me, and if it had even made the cut at all, I probably would have been nothing more than a fifteen-second sound bite.

Instead, I took the opportunity to let them know what I had to offer. I made the waking connection with my Higher Self while we were on the phone and “downloaded” an incredible discourse on a variety of subjects they were interested in.

The next thing I know, I got a list of all the questions for the entire episode. I did the hard work, researched everything on a very tight deadline, and went in and did the taping.

Then when that footage went back to the main office, everyone watched it — and they got so excited about my performance that other producers started wanting me to tape for their episodes as well.

Not only was I answering the questions, I was giving them all this bonus material they could use that was not in their original script. That was the really cool part — and it was a direct result of how dedicated and focused I've been after all these years.



Il disclosure sta avvenendo ora e la forza e potenza dell'informazione incrementa. Sono molto felice di annunciare che faccio parte del processo di Disclosure e partecipo alla serie “Antichi Alieni” di History Channel
Inizialmente volevano discutere con me di alcuni punti oscuri e al massimo avrei avuto 15 secondi di video. Invece ho parlato con loro di vari soggetti in cui erano interessati. Mi hanno scritto un questionario e dopo ricerche ho risposto, ho dato loro molto materiale da usare e questo perchè studio da diversi anni.