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Non ho tempo di tradurlo (per ora) ma sul Sun è uscito un articolo dove spiega che ricarcatori Australiani hanno trovato migliaia di nuove specie animali mai catalogate… insomma… pare che gli Hopi ci avessero azzeccato in tutto !!! Ecco l'articolo (in ingelse… scusate !!!):

HUNDREDS of new animal species including brilliant soft corals and tiny crustaceans have been discovered in Australian reefs.

Among the deep-sea creatures revealed were more than 100 soft corals, which are also known as octocorals, for the eight tentacles that fringe each polyp.

Tiny shrimp-like animals with claws longer than their bodies were also found.

Australian researchers conducted three expeditions, one each in the waters off the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard and Heron islands, and one in the Ningaloo Reef, on Australia’s northwest coast.

Thousands of samples were collected during the three-week research trips, which took place between April and September.

One researcher said: “People have been working at these places for a long time and still there are literally hundreds and hundreds of new species that no one has ever collected or described.”

The findings could have benefits for humans in that the creatures could provide clues as to how they cope with climate change and pollution.


Ciao ! 🙂

Questo articolo dovrebbe parlare della stessa cosa. http://blog.panorama.it/hitechescienza/2008/09/19/cento-nuove-specie-marine-sui-fondali-dellaustralia/ In italiano 😉