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The future of America and the world will be decided at a secret meeting between President Obama and secret representatives of China and the British Empire

President Obama is scheduled to have a secret meeting with a representative of the British Empire and a Chinese gentleman of mystery either in late January or early February. Since the United States is bankrupt, they will have no viable alternative but to listen to what these people have to say.

They are probably going to make certain demands on the US such as:

Requesting the abolition of the Skull and Bones international network of terror and drugs. This would mean an end to Al Qaeda, the Taleban, the Mexican narcotic gangs etc. Without terrorists to fight the “white hats” in the pentagon would no longer have to engage in destructive wars in places like Afghanistan. The US could then pledge to use its considerable scientific and technological expertise to participate in a world wide campaign to do things like turn the deserts green, fill the oceans with nutrients to increase fish stocks by 10 times and otherwise help end poverty.

The United States and Israel will also have to stop behaving like renegades and participate responsibly and peacefully in international organizations. It is especially crucial that they agree to the jurisdiction of the international criminal court.

If the US government agrees to conditions of this nature, many Americans will find rewarding work in developing countries. The American people can finally begin to compensate for all the damage they have caused world-wide.