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August 9, 2008

Mayor Tomihisa Taue called for the abolishment of nuclear weapons, saying the United States and Russia should take the lead.

“We also demand that the United Nations and international society do not ignore the nuclear weapons of North Korea, Pakistan, and Israel, as well as the suspicions of nuclear development by Iran, but take stern measures against these countries,” he said.

Taue spoke to thousands of people attending the ceremony in Nagasaki's Peace Park. As he finished his remarks, doves were released and circled above the park, where colorful strings of origami cranes had been hung by local children.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda also spoke, emphasizing Japan's long-standing policy of not possessing, developing or allowing nuclear weapons on its soil, as he had three days earlier at a ceremony in Hiroshima.

The anniversary comes as Japan warily eyes shifting nuclear alliances in other parts of the globe. Tokyo has expressed concern over an American nuclear accord with India that would reverse more than three decades of U.S. policy barring the sale of nuclear fuel and technology to countries that have not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

India has tested nuclear weapons but has not signed the nonproliferation treaty or the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Taue on Saturday repeated calls by Japanese officials for India to participate in both treaties.

“India, whose nuclear cooperation with the U.S. is a concern, should be strongly urged to join the NPT and CTBT,” he said.

His comments came a day after a senior U.S. official urged Japan to support the nuclear accord.

“The bottom line for us is this is the way to get the cooperation we want, this is the way to get the support for nonproliferation,” Richard Boucher, assistant secretary of state for Central and South Asian affairs, told reporters Friday in Tokyo.

Nagasaki was chosen for atomic destruction because the original target, the city of Kokura, was clouded over. A number of American prisoners of war were in Nagasaki when it was bombed.