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Washington, D.C., February 19, 2009: “The new President might be bringing some pleasure to those in dire financial need but he is certainly bringing anger and fear to Israel. We know from their diplomatic messaging that Tel Aviv’s attitude fluctuates between hope and fear; hope that Obama will be as obedient and pliant as Bush was and fear that he might steer a different course. Obama is threatening to make peace in the Middle East and Israel wants America to smite her enemies while at the same time stuffing her stockings with all kinds of weapons of mass destruction and, most important, large bundles of unearned money. They hope this will happen but they are afraid it might not. AIPAC and the Neocons have lost their power inside the Beltway and Tel Aviv is just beginning to understand this. They had it their way so long, like the far right Christians and Republicans, that loss of power hurts. Obama is very, very smart. He went to the rabid right in Congress and tendered an olive branch, telling the public that he wanted to work in cooperation with the Republicans to help America out of her worsening economic dilemma. Of course the far right relics rejected his offer with surly sneers, guaranteeing that most of the rest of them will be thrown out when the next mid terms come around. It was a safe offer for him to make because he knew they would spit in his fact but for them to do this in public was a public relations disaster of the first water. Stupid as they are, it will take some time for this to sink in and in the mean time, they will be steamrollered by a wave of negative publicity and will end up talking to themselves in public lavatories like ‘Wide Stance’ Larry Craig. The removal from power of both the vicious Israelis and the equally vicious domestic far right will be the first step in rebuilding public trust in their government.”