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Obama to reform NATO to replace UN as defective organization

The USA will set forth a concept to reform NATO during the upcoming summit of the alliance. In accordance with the concept, the alliance will be expanded with the help of the countries of not only the Euro-Atlantic region, but of Asia too, for instance, Australia, Japan and South Korea. The renewed alliance may even replace the United Nations, The Kommersant newspaper wrote…

Ivo Daalder, one of the most renowned US experts on the alliance, was appointed the new US Ambassador to NATO Thursday. Daalder is an old-time champion of the revolutionary idea to create a league of democracies. The concept was originally suggested by Senator John McCain. The theory stipulates the creation of a new international organization that will virtually replace the United Nations.

The NATO summit will take place on April 2 in France and Germany. Ivo Daalder and the new US administration will have a chance to unveil the new NATO expansion concept at the summit. It will be a ‘family event’ in which only NATO members will participate.

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