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(ANSA) – MOSCA, 8 MAG – Non esclusa la possibilita' che esista un complotto in seno alla Nato, ispirato da persone legate all'amministrazione Bush, contro Obama. E' quanto ritiene l'ambasciatore russo presso la Nato, Dmitri Rogozin, secondo quanto riferisce l'agenzia Ria Novosti. Gli Usa, dice l'ambasciatore, stanno formando la loro nuova squadra. 'E ci sono persone, piazzate dall'amministrazione precedente, che obbediscono ancora ai valori della vecchia amministrazione'.

come dice Fulford anche…oltre che Wilcock


..There are several groups who have huge physical holdings of gold and treasure who are united in opposing fiat based monetary systems because the owners of the fiat system have tried to keep these physical holdings out of the monetary system. If these treasures were recognized by the global banking system it would mean a loss of power for the Rothschilds, Papa Bush, Rockefeller and the other owners of dollar and Euro printing presses. In other words, the Feds are being fought by Royal families and industrialists who have real treasure or make real things. ..

Leaders of most of the countries of the world are also now united against the Feds. The Feds still control about half the Pentagon, a giant private army of mercenaries and spies, President Obama and his hypnotized human sheep, most senior politicians and the supreme court. Inside the US they are opposed by half of the pentagon, half or more of the people in US government agencies, state leaders and much of the intelligentsia.

The bottom line though, is that the Federal Reserve Board is bankrupt and all its owners can do is play for time and threaten to spread diseases and start war.