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ahahah si ne parla anche wilcock
anche in America usano l'ironia per rivelarà la verità gradualmente
sono fregati


Fulford’s initial story about the SARS virus being a targeted bio-weapon against Asians was sensational enough to even reach the Colbert Report.

Again, the guys running these Comedy Central shows know a lot more than they lead us to believe. By ridiculing someone, or something, you simultaneously inform people and get them thinking the unthinkable.

By writing them off as tinfoil-hat wearing kooks, you make it impossible for anyone in the controlled media to attack you. They would look ridiculous.

So, in 2007 you had Steven Colbert openly discuss the Illuminati, Benjamin Fulford, and the agenda to depopulate the planet with bio-warfare. By treating it with humor and seeming sarcasm, it slips past the media censors:

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Great Awakening II: Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$
Jon Stewart did a wonderfully humorous two-part series on this ridiculous fear-mongering:

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In the second part he uses humor to raise an awkward subject that everyone is starting to think about — could it be possible that the criminal cartel would have done this deliberately?