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lo sta facendo Wilcock stesso con altre persone, però so che il film parlerà in particolare, una trilogia, della “Scienza della Pace” , degli studi che confermano come la Coscienza Globale controlli gli eventi, ci unisca tutti e possa portare la pace nel mondo.
Non so se conterrà,ma credo di si, il materiale sulla trasformazione del sistema solare e sull'Ascensione.


Billy Blake: Producer
Billy Blake: Producer

Billy Blake has 25 years’ background in film production, and has worked with many recognized actors including Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, Sylvester Stallone and Mariah Carey.

With his guidance, the new ideas presented in this genre can be blended with 25 years of cumulative Hollywood wisdom to create a superior and socially influential film, using less than half the budget of What the Bleep Do We Know?.

Billy is currently in pre-production on a remake of Pumpkinhead. His partner is four-time Academy Award winner, Stan Winston, who produced and directed the original for him.

Billy Blake:

Founded and was CEO of Aquarius Transfermation (1969-1994), one of the most successful Audio and Video Post Production houses in NYC, doing work on such films as Superman, Amityville Horror, Dawn of the Dead, King of Marvin Gardens, and all the top TV shows and commercials of the time.

Founded and was silent partner of Can Carriers Messenger Service,(1970-1980) the first all bicycle and motorcycle messenger services in NYC.

Founded and Published Millimeter Magazine (1973-1985), which is still one of the most successful monthly trade magazines in the film business. The magazine explored the industry from the perspective of a producer and dealt with their needs for production on everything from feature films to commercials. Sold interest to a large publishing conglomerate in 1985.

Founded and Co-CEO of RGH Lions Share Pictures and Echelon Entertainment (1997-2002), a worldwide distribution company specializing in foreign sales for lower budget pictures. They have distributed over 200 films in 70 countries

Is a fine arts photographer with four one-man shows of his work, the most recent was in Venice, CA, at the Universal Gallery in Sept of 2004.
Billy’s Filmography consists of:
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s)

WiseGirls (2002) (producer)
A Light in the Forest (2002) (executive producer)
Maniacts (2001) (executive producer)

The Hunter’s Moon (1999) (co-producer)

Pumpkinhead (1989) (producer) … aka Vengeance: The Demon
Rhinestone (1984) (co-producer)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981) (producer)

Click here to view Billy’s photography

About CONVERGENCE: The Movie
About CONVERGENCE: The Movie

The first film in the CONVERGENCE trilogy will address the science of consciousness.

This film will cost remarkably little to produce, but has such a powerful, clear and urgent message for humanity that it is poised to be a box-office blockbuster, as well as a social phenomenon and agent of positive change.

An array of credible, professional scientists and scholars will present definitive evidence that consciousness is a field of energy, independent of one’s own mind and brain. Common knowledge and implementation of this science has the potential to dramatically increase world peace and harmony, and dramatically decrease catastrophic Earth Changes — and CONVERGENCE will give compelling scientific evidence to back up these claims, as well as the philosophical and spiritual understandings to go along with them.

The CONVERGENCE trilogy is the result of David Wilcock’s work in categorizing, analyzing and distilling over 213 volumes worth of research he uncovered and printed off the Internet between 1999 and 2005, occupying over nine and a half feet of width on his bookshelves. This research has been guided by David’s intuitive work, which includes daily documentation and analysis of his dreams and visionary experiences since 1992, and active research and development of extrasensory abilities since he was 7 years old.

Leading scholars in new science, such as popular Art Bell guest Richard C. Hoagland, have publicly stated that David’s research is unparalleled and completely new and fresh. By comparison, most of the information presented in “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, the astonishingly successful film documentary that came out of nowhere to create this brand-new genre, is an offshoot of the groundbreaking 1979 volume “The Dancing Wu-Li Masters” by Gary Zukav.

David has carefully chosen each participant in CONVERGENCE for his or her professional credentials, validity and fastidiousness of research, and impeccability of moral and ethical character. Many of the finest scientists in this emerging field will be raised from obscurity to be a part of this film, and their research will finally earn its proper place in history as a result. If we play our cards right,

CONVERGENCE could be far more than just a trilogy of films… it could be a defining turning point in humanity’s understanding of life, death, war, peace, Earth Changes, UFOs, spirituality and the nature of God and the Universe.