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The desperate, cornered Nazi/Zionist rats try to destabilize Mexico, Pakistan and other countries

The recent Pentagon report that Pakistan and Mexico may descend into chaos seems to be part of a wider trend of attempted global destabilization by the desperate, cornered Zionist Nazis. Both these countries are nexuses of CIA linked drug dealers, gangsters and terrorists who are battling legitimate governments for control. Meanwhile Israel continues to lash out and threaten to expand its Gaza genocide into Lebanon and possibly Iran. Turkey, meanwhile, has arrested over 100 senior people (academics, journalists, military men etc.) in what the government describes as a “cleaning of the intestines of the nation,” and stopping a coup attempt. Perhaps it is a long overdue purge of Sabateans. Also, of course, the threats of nuclear terrorism either in the US or in the Middle East continue to be spread.

No matter what these people try, though, they are not going to succeed in starting WW3. Why fight them militarily, where they are strongest, when you can hit their pocket book, where they are weakest. Shipping companies are now offering to ship goods to Europe and the US for free and yet still cannot find takers because other countries no longer trust their ability to pay. The people of the world no longer trust the Western secret government. They must stand back and let a new age (not a new world order) begin.