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Why it is mathematically impossible for the Zionist charade to continue
Even brainwashed economists and financial experts still locked inside the communal hive mind formerly known as the “mainstream consensus” can see that something seriously big is happening. First of all any rigorous analysis of the numbers being put out by the Federal Reserve Board will reveal that institution to be bankrupt. Secondly, the US has an unemployment rate of 20% as measured by methodology used before Bill Clinton started cooking all the government's financial data. Since personal consumption accounts for 70% of US GDP and 20% of consumers are unemployed, things are clearly not going to get better before they get a lot worse. Then there is the commercial real estate and prime mortgage situation that is snowballing out of control. The idea that printing vast amount of fiat money will inflate the US out of trouble is a wild-eyed fantasy. The Obama administration meanwhile is acting like a desperate gambler constantly doubling his bets in the vain hope of pulling himself out of a deep hole. The problem is nobody is going to lend this war-mongering beast the money needed for the next bets. The Wall Street Criminals can see the writing on the wall and are on a last minute binge of looting. Unfortunately, the situation for the average American will continue to deteriorate until the new financial system is finally announced.