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Fundamental Dynamics of Black Hole Physics
Haramein alla American Physical Society -2002


Physicists watch entropy in action
The team began by looking at wells containing six large balls. These tend to form clusters with either a symmetrical octahedron shape or a less symmetric complex of three tetrahedrons. Although both shapes have 12 bonds between balls, which means that they have exactly the same energy, the high-entropy tri-tetrahedron was found to be about 20 times more common than its more symmetric counterpart.

In the liquid state, every water molecule fleetingly interacts with its four nearest neighbors, forming a tetrahedron, explains Kumar. These tetrahedrons, however, are slightly imperfect and the degree to which they are changes as temperature and pressure change, ultimately affecting which individual water molecules partner up with each other. Kumar found that it is the fluctuations in the degree of tetrahedrality that contribute most to one of water’s most notable and valuable features — its capacity to resist heating or cooling and thereby regulating and maintaining the temperature of biological systems.