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Ed ecco che arriva il bello: contrariamente a quello che si pensava, questo QGP non si comporta come un gas, bensì come un liquido. E’ quanto racconta un gruppo di studiosi, tra cui spiccano alcuni membri della School of Physics and Astronomy dell’Università di Birmingham, impegnati nell’esperimento ALICE e guidati da David Evans, in un primo e in un secondo articolo in attesa di pubblicazione ma già disponibili su arXiv.

Experiments conducted at the Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) are thought to have produced an analogous entity to a black hole. Nastase, et al. [63] compares the RHIC produced fireball to a black hole, but the fireball is too small and too low in energy to accrete matter from surrounding media. By use of Einstein’s equivalence principle, Tuchin [64] of the Brookhaven Theoretical Nuclear Physics Group, considers that the Media Surrounding Black Holes acceleration and deceleration of ion beam collisions with target atoms can be considered to act as the extreme gravitational conditions similar to that of a black hole. Reaction times are of the order of the strong interaction time of 10-23 sec. Such a picture appears to be reasonable if Hawking-like radiation was detectable. Such radiation would
prevent long lived mini black holes from existing because energy for their existence is carried away in this radiation.

Another informative result of the recent experiments conducted at the RHIC is that the fireball produced by the high energy collisions acts as a quark-gluon liquid with fluid properties, such as can be treated as having capacity and viscosity. These results do not agree well with the standard model which expects gas like behaviors of particles at these scales. However, shockwaves are produced as one would expect in liquid systems. The behavior of particles
in the RHIC collision experiments appear to act as a very low viscosity fluid and hence as a superfluid [65,66].
These systems may obey the standard laws of hydrodynamics and, under the influence of external magnetic fields, act as an MHD medium. Since the early universe of the pre-protonic era may have undergone an evolution of cold Fermion and Boson states that acts as fluids, we can term this new field of study a fluid dynamical MHD cosmology.

alla faccia degli studi tecnologici di Haramein
Device and method for simulation of magnetohydrodynamics
Nassim Haramein

L'invenzione riguarda dispositivi e metodi utili a replicare la magnetoidrodinamica in azione in vari oggetti astrofisici. La presente invenzione riguarda dispositivi e metodi utili a tale replicazione in un ambiente controllato di laboratorio a basse energie.