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RUSSIAN TEAM OF DIVERS-EXPLORERS, LEAD BY ANDREY MAKAREVICH explores 80-100 feet high underwater man-made structure that composes a temple-pyramid YONAGUNI. This is the best underwater footage in existence so far that I came across with about the legendary site. ANDREW commenting their manmade discoveries in Russian (I did not translate footage with adding English subtitles-translation), but just watching the footage one would come to the realization of the presence of manmade artifacts and constructions, including THE HEAD. The site included a square-shaped structure covered with coral, a giant platform with edges and corners, as well as streets, stairways, and an arched building. One could say that the ruins resembled an ALTAR IN THE ANCIENT CITY. It covered about 200 meters from west to east, and about 140 meters from north to south. Its highest point reached about 26 meters. NOTE: The whole story started in 1986, when a diver near the island of Yonaguni Jima, off the southern tip of Japan (around Okinawa) came across some strange structures about 25 meters below sea level. They appeared to be stepped structures with terraces and ramps. One of the largest pyramid structures is 600 feet wide and 90 feet high with five separate levels of stone blocks with what appears to be road surrounding the structure. Tool marks and carvings have been discovered upon the stones (and documented) which indicate that they have were constructed rather than being natural stone structures. Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist from Japans Ryukyus University, Japan has been studying and mapping the site for over 15 years and believes that the site is over five thousand years old but was sunk during an earthquake two thousand years ago. Others have estimated that the structure is far older including Teruaki Ishii, professor of geology at Tokyo University who determined that the submergence occurred at the end of the LAST ICE AGE which was around 10000 (12000 BC) years ago (allegedly over twice as old as the pyramids in Egypt by suggestion of the modern science) If this is the case, then our history books would have to be revised to take into account an advanced Eastern culture (LEMURIA, MU?) advanced than any early Western culture. It is interesting to note that a number of tools have been discovered both on land and in the sea around the structures. Close to the pyramid structure, what is thought to be the carving of a human head has been discovered (several feet tall), along with numerous unknown hieroglyphs (see hieroglyphs here http://www.pureinsight.org/node/1678).

NOTE 2: VEDIC TEXTS state that 4 types of people arrived on this planet UNCHANGED (were not created by Hebrew-Jewish, Christian & Muslim God) WHITES, called RASA all current white people of Europe, also all dispersed all over the planet from this race; BLACKS all black people in Africa, also all dispersed all over the planet from this race; ORIENTALS all oriental people including Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Mongolians, Evenki, Chukcha, etc, also all dispersed all over the planet from this race; REDS all native American Indians Inca, Maya, Aztec, etc, Australian Aborigines, also all dispersed all over the planet from this race. Taking in consideration Vedic knowledge – IT IS VERY OBVIOUS THAT UNDERWATER TEMPLE IN YONAGUNI BELONGS TO THE ORIENTAL RACE THAT EXISTED ON THIS PLANET IN PRE-DELUVIAN TIMES AND SUBMERGED UNDERWATER DURING THE ENF OF THE LAST ICE AGE. NOTE 3: Studies show scientists now estimate that the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. Pre-hominid primates did not appear until the Pleistocene time, the Quaternary of Cenozoic, namely the Ice Age, which was about 1.8 million years ago. Based on fossil studies, some scientists believe that social activities and culture did not emerge until Holocene, about 12,000 years ago, during the decline and ending of the last ice age. Therefore, during the next 7,000 years, these cultures didn't appear to advance much and remained in the Stone Age. Records of writings and symbols first appeared about 5,000 year ago. The era before that time was referred to as the prehistoric period. HOWEVER, to the scientists' bewilderment, more and more prehistoric relics discovered on the ocean floor are challenging this point of view. The architects of the undersea relics not only had ingenious building and artistic skills, but also showed signs of an advanced civilization. Moreover, they knew written language and were able to build the pyramids. Current technology indicates that the area was above sea level 10,000 or more years ago. It is thus apparent that advanced civilization existed during prehistoric times, long before the Neolithic Period. Due to unknown reasons, these civilizations disappeared and left only wreckage under the sea. Here is some evidence for their existence.