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Amazingly, the majority of viruses have a perfect ‘sacred geometry’ within their structure, most commonly seen as the icosahedron:

Even more stunning is the Russian researcher Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev’s groundbreaking study, where he proved that a disease could be energetically transmitted into healthy cells, hermetically sealed, at a distance:


This proves that viruses are not simply ‘physical things.’ Kaznacheyev proved that they are frequencies.

Kaznacheyev used existing tissue that was already veering towards ‘dead’ because it has been separated from the protective biofields of the host organism. He was then able to send the energy frequency of viruses into these separated, unprotected cells.

The frequency of the virus alone was able to re-arrange the genetic material in those separated, unprotected cells and spontaneously generate the virus, thus causing the infection to form.

You can see how the ‘sacred geometry’ of the virus is a crystallized waveform by looking back to Dr. Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ diagram once again. This is how it really works.

Though the Russians understand this energetic component, thankfully the New World Order / Neocon faction does not. This is why hardly any of their purported attempts to infect large numbers of people ever actually work out.

Even if they DID understand the frequency component, and found a way to try to use it, that still wouldn’t be able to hurt people. Russian pyramid studies clearly showed that higher-intensity torsion fields automatically out-resonate anything that could be harmful to life — even turning toxic poisons into inert, safe substances.