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Anche io Rich,sono molto curioso anche in senso positivo

se in qualche modo dobbiamo iniziare a ballare……….IMHOando penso però che sarà un grosso fail per loro

fulford dice per quel periodo che molti casini (verità) salteranno fuori dal Giappone

There will be a truth commission convened when the Democratic Party of Japan takes power

In the past senior members of Japan's opposition Democratic Party of Japan have told me they intend to set up a South African style truth commission if they ever get power. Since all the opinion polls show they are set to get power in the election to be held on August 30th, that means the truth may start coming out as early as this fall. The most important testimony will that about CIA dirty tricks and murders in Japan. The world will finally be told the truth about how arch-Nazi Heinz (Henry) Kissinger had Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka removed from power. We will also learn how Prime Ministers Obuchi, Ohira, Takeshita and Hashimoto were murdered for not be obedient enough. Hopefully the Japanese murder team members will appear in Parliament and on TV and describe how they carried out each murder on the orders of their Nazi handlers.

There will be a lot of stuff happening this autumn to I recommend that everyone rest up this summer.

è quello che mi aspetto…vediamo