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mi viene in mente questo
il segnale sembrava provenire dalla direzione della costellazione di Orione

(Betelgeuse (IPA /betelˈdʒɛuze/;[14] α Ori / α Orionis / Alfa Orionis) è la seconda stella più luminosa della costellazione di Orione http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betelgeuse )

November 21, 2009 – Reports from the Field

Last year at the field work at the Joshua Tree training, the Orion transmissions were received – ordered signals which seemed to emanate from near the constellation Orion. They can be heard at http://www.cseti.org under the section “CSETI News”. Listen on the 21st to hear what happened at the Joshua Tree Ambassadors to the Universe training this year. The interaction between the ET visitors and the CSETI groups is always developing and changing. It is an exercise in the development of higher states of consciousness.