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Prophecy and the
Great Pyramid
Time-Scale and Prophecy
The Starting Point

To the early researchers, if the Great Pyramid's interior represented a projected history of mankind, or rather a blueprint and prophecy, then it must have a clearly delineated starting point and some sort of time-scale.

The discovery of several unique features determined the chronological starting point in the Great Pyramid. Down the Descending Passage, at a distance of about 40 feet from the entrance, there are found, on the side wall, straight knife-edge lines cut from roof to floor, one on each side and exactly opposite each other. Their appearance on the otherwise smooth walls of the passage certainly suggests that they are intended as a clear zero line, or “datum line” from which to take measurements. They are called the 'Scored Lines'.

Prof. Piazzi Smyth was the first person to realise the full significance of the Scored Lines. He surmised that if the elevation of the Descending Passage represented what, for want of a better term, might be called the plane of the Dragon Star, then it was clear that the Scored Lines could represent the intersection of that astronomical plane by another equally significant plane. Calculations soon confirmed the suspicion. It turned out that at one time – and at one time only – during the third millennium B.C. (3000-2000B.C.) the plane denoted by the Scored Lines passed directly through Alcyone (chief star of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, in the constellation of the Bull) at the same time as the axis of the Descending Passage was locked directly onto the Dragon Star (Draconis). …



Peter Lemesurier's book about the Pyramid is well researched; based on researches by eminent Egyptologists such as Sir Flinders Petrie and Dr. Adam Rutherford, and he provides all the necessary references. Peter studied languages at Cambridge and is therefore qualified to comment on these matters. My book focuses on only a small part of Peter's book, but I shall follow his example by beginning with a description of the extraordinary details of the Great Pyramid.

Great Pyramid Its Divine Message
Di D. Davidson,H. Aldersmith