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We are massively being poisoned and brainwashed”

Former mayor Peter Vereecke (53) of Evergem wants the justice department and the city council to act against planes that are according to him spraying day and night disease causing germs and chemicals all over the world.


Siamo avvelenati massicciamente e ci lavano il cervello

L'ex maggiore Peter Vereecke (53 anni) di Evergem, vuole che il dipartimento di giustizia e il concilio cittadino agiscano contro gli aerei che, secondo lui, spargono notte e giorno malattie distribuendo germi e sostanze chimiche in tutto il mondo.

Can you be more specific? Who are the people that are really pulling the strings?
Peter Vereecke: “Those are the co-called Illuminati, the enlightened ones. They are members of secret societies like the Bilderberg group, but are also active in business and global organisations like the United Nations and NATO. It’s not about one certain group but about a type of person with a certain DNA that is common in higher levels of power: people that do not care about the value of human life and are obsessed with power, money and control. ..

Per quanto riguarda Ighina, potremmo chiedere qua

Potrebbe essere utile avere anche un dispositivo semplice come questo


This device is only a passive resonator tuned with its' shape to resonate on an harmonic of the well described cosmic event signal. It consists of a ring of wood painted having seven holes in a heptagon shape in its inside perimeter. This ring is sustained by three legs disposed in a triangle fashion.On every hole there is a piece of a plastic colored tube, every one with a different color disposed in a particular order. The sinusoidal conductor that you can see is made of aluminium wire, wound clockwise, that was inserted in all the hole in a serpent movement form, leaving one end facing upward and the other downward. The signal start from the sky in a clockwise motion; remember that. The two ends finish in the near holes, one pointing skyward and another pointing toward the earth. Thats all! The device is located on the open soil, not cement, because this material generates an out of phase of the earth signal destroying the good rhythm. The phenomenon occurs in the cavity especially, and around the perimeter of the ring. To increase the amplitude of the signal you can put glass bottles filled with water, one inside the cavity and six on the outside in a hexagon form.Wait some days and observe the environment: Everything changes! There is a life explosion! Every phenomenon that I have described, happens depending only by the time and amplitude of the signal. The device needs the Sun light to operate better. Take it away from every artificial EMF because this is only a passive resonator and a strong emf can distort its' signal.