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Information below is to dispute the authenticity of the 'Robert Wilson | crickets audio recording slowed way down' file:

The recording originates from a CD made in 1992 by Jim Wilson, which is for sale here:

Please note the testimonial by a Mr Tom Waite, not Tom Waits as some have initially believed.

A portion of the track also features on the song 'Twisted Hair' by Robbie Robertson, released in 1994:

Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sung soprano on the track, was quoted in an interview with saying:
“…they sound exactly like a well-trained church choir to me. And not only that, but it sounded to me like they were singing in the eight-tone scale.”

So, the crickets were singing a western mode? Would crickets recorded in Egypt be using the Heptatonic scale?

More importantly, does it seem strange that this recording argues that crickets 'singing' slowed down to 'human speed' is more sophisticated than the sound of bird song, whale song etc? Also, does anyone not find it alarming that there is absolutely zero scientific research relating to this so-called phenomenon?

The recording above is not at what is considered 'human speed', but displays a long, sustained note delivered by the crickets, which to me sounds like a church choir singing a single note to an impossible length. It is my belief that Jim Wilson did in fact record crickets and pitch them down, but recorded his own melody using MIDI with the sample.

If anyone wishes to prove me wrong, feel free to message me.

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Kenneth Thorsted Lorenzi
Kenneth Thorsted Lorenzi at 1.13 5 days ago
It actually is Tom Waits: http://dailybruin.com/2002/12/01/woyzeck-to-run-at-freud-playho/
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Mvaneersel at 0.13 17 days ago
This is even more haunting than the melodic Robert Wilson recording. Thanks for posting.