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esatto i frattali sono un concetto molto importante
poi ci sono le posizioni planetarie
codice ascii, codice binario, importanti concetti geometrici, …

Opinions and comments on Levengood WC, Talbott NP (1999)
Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations

However, the circular symmetry of many
of the crop formations and several eye-witness reports,
mentioning the involvement of ‘balls of light’ (referred to as
‘BOLs’) during the formation of a crop circle (Van den
Broeke, personal communication, and Meaden 1991), suggest
the introduction of an electromagnetic ‘point source’ rather
than a plane wave.

The experimental data published in Levengood and Talbott
(1999) suggest that pulvinus length expansion in crop circles
is a thermo-mechanic effect, possibly induced by a kind of
electromagnetic point source.