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ho cercato qualcosa su Sobolev
Mr. Valery Andrus (Donetsk inventor)
Interview by: Mr. Valerij Gerlanets,
(member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the International Federation of Journalists)

– So, it looks like the mankind is approaching the moment when the last barrel of oils is pumped out of the depths of the Earth and at the same time it isn't looking for alternative and probably even cheaper sources of energy.
– It is not quite so. The search for this kind of sources is constantly underway. For more than half a century scientists have been aware of existence of such a continuous generator of energy. It was created by the English researcher Smith Floyed. Being a continuous generator of energy by definition, it is unstable, uncontrollable and thus it hasn't been into practice widely. There has been a lot of fuss about the recent scandal with the Russian academician Valerian Sobolev whose group has allegedly designed a continuous source of energy. The owners of the know-how claimed that their energy crystals will revolutionize the sphere of energy generation and the world will enter a new era of technical development.

A new energy source. Information about discovery made by Acad. Valerian M Sobolev, Volgograd.

Sobolev says that his know-how may help to build new types of engineless flying machines evocative of flying saucers. He and his team have sent a letter informing Russian President Valdimir Putin of their “discoveries” – casually pointing out that commercialization of their know-how would require some US$2 million.

Story originally published by
Pravda / Russia – July 25 2001
“Our site published the information yesterday about the new sensational
discovery made by the Russian scientists. The head of the group of
those scientists was academician Valerian Sobolev. The published
material caused a wild discussion on the Forum of PRAVDA.Ru, there
were some appeals to give more details about that discovery. We admit
that we had more general phrases in that material than the actual