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I'm not going to rewrite what's in my most recent blog in very much detail, as it's only days old and this is just meant to be an extension.

Suffice it to say that the ongoing plan for Disclosure now appears to involve the European Space Agency, or ESA.

Earlier this month, they privately contacted Hoagland to tell him they have about 100 different scientists working on a three-dimensional computer reconstruction of Mars' moon Phobos — on the inside.

They have found that the moon is very obviously an ET base of some kind. It contains a variety of artificial structures they can clearly see in their computer model — including giant, cubical rooms that can be up to a half-mile wide!

Best of all, they are preparing to announce this to the world.


As I've written in earlier entries of David's Blog you can read here at divinecosmos.com, we've had a series of highly suspicious and highly destructive earthquakes this year.

The most obvious example was when Chile was hit with an absolutely incredible-sized earthquake — basically a 9.0 on the Richter scale — within days after every single country in South America gathered to form an alliance against the Rockefeller faction / New World Order.

Chile was a traditional US ally who participated in the big rally, and was about to become the leading country of the Rio Group as of March 1st, 2010. The Rio Group was the closest thing South America had, at that time, to a single, organized leadership for this new plan.

The massive earthquake in Chile, right to the day of when they took control of the Rio Group, was a very clear sign that the New World Order was striking back.


And we'd already heard from Fulford and from Christopher Story, independently, that Haiti was also an artificial quake, because a major amount of New World Order money was about to be transferred to various South American countries through international wire-transfer facilities in Haiti…

You don't need to blame weird new technologies like HAARP on these events. That's part of what stops most people in the mainstream from believing this could really be done, so they can accuse you of being 'crazy.'

Look. All you need is a device that can burrow into the crust and set off a nice, big blast.

We already know that this “bunker-busting” technology exists. ..


Fulford's own sources (benjaminfulford.net) also believe the Iceland volcano is not a natural event. Why Iceland? They pointed to the fact that 90 percent of the population of Iceland recently voted to break away from the International Monetary Fund…


I have had dreams that very clearly illustrated that we will have quite a war on our hands after the initial announcements are made.

People will want to fight it. The rabid right-wingers will go on a crazy attack. Everyone will over-scrutinize the evidence, try to poke holes in it, and dismiss the whole thing as nonsense.

In fact, there may even be a point where most people believe the propaganda, and actually think the whole thing was a hoax — for political gain or other ridiculous reasons.

It's going to take time for all these wars to be fought, and for people to take sides….


So, once the first round of Disclosure happens, it's going to be folks like you who can make the difference.

The propaganda is going to go nuts.

Your friends and family, who may never have looked into this before, will want answers. ..