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gli esseri umani non cercano la verità del futuro, ma sperano di uccidere le loro paure coprendole con le fantasticherie.
Questo perché non sono preparati al
mondo perfetto, a loro piace stare qui.


Hi, ok wait a minute please, just give me a break.
I can agree with you, human beings like living here, how could it be different?
I always disagree with manhood that, using an italian expresssion “se la canta e se la suona da sola”.
I mean, we have not a counterpart, someone that can judge us from outside.
All the great mind, philosopher and so on, have always said something about themselves, about human being.
I don't believe these opinions can take for serious. It's like someone judge himself with his own mind, can be reliable?
So all we have, for real, it's just our world. Often it's bad but not always.
Maybe you're right, there is something out there more pleasant, moe enjoyable and so on.
A lot of people spoke in the past, and now, about this.
Noone showed us anyway.
All we have is our heart, is our mind.
And noone have ever thought to show us that magnificent world is out there?
Don't you think that if each of us could see a real wonderful world, won't choose the better one?
That's the trick, we have to face this world, whenever we like or not.
And you think that threatening us we change?
The story of prophets, G-d bless them, is a story of failure. The language they use is not useful.
Like yours.
If men and women move under a threat sooner or later will try to be free again, doesn't matter if the threat will lead them to a better world.
Man and women aspire to understand, and the better you can explain, more chances they have to set themselves free.