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carico una intervista in inglese alla psichica che avrebbe canalizzato il messaggio per ottobre, pero vi avviso che lo devo ascoltare poi per chi non puo capirlo vi aggiornerò

comunque sul suo blog continua a confermare


I am SO thankful to everyone for their uplifting words of courage and strength. It is SO good to know of SO many out there in the LIGHT and KNOWLEDGE that THIS WILL TAKE PLACE.
For those who write on my blog I sincerely apologise for not replying. I am inundated with mail since sending out THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT message and have been very busy replying as best I can. However, this in itself is beginning to take up 5-8 hours a day and I have to go to work … my family are visiting from England … and I am currently in rehearsal for a show in Jan. Balance … all about balance!!
To those who send me negative mail/messages … I send you LOVE.
To those who send me encouragement and upliftment I send you equal amounts of LOVE .
It is all part of the journey . I have fastened my safety belt and am at present looking for Scotty's phone number!!! (Think about it …) Lets keep this full of Laughter too. It so helps to raise the vibration.
Take care as you move bravely forward.