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Dennis kucinich this AM stated that Bush/Paulson do NOT have the votes in the House to pass the Billionaire Bailout Bill…and that Dennis voted against it!That is an amazing development that really brings cheer to us! After all the manipulation and threats to the House members of dire consequences if they didn't pass this atrocity immediately, nonetheless enough–thus far–have the courage or fear of voter reprisals to avoid making that mistake.
Another sign of impending galactic? actions comes from a military contact who said all military bases were placed on alert, yesterday. They must be really feeling the heat in the kitchen. A Paulson hologram was reported as appearing at a meeting this AM. The G7 warned the Box Gang that they only have until TODAY to pay the country settlement money owed to their G7 Partners OR “It's All Over!”…meaning these ones will be 'Toast'!
We always celebrate sea changes! The New Reality is creating quite a fuzzy logic situation and the whole populace has been feeling it. Cheers!