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Von Braun rivelo' alla Dr. Rosin l'esistenza di un piano per giustificare la spesa per questi armamenti spaziali organizzando una finta minaccia aliena. Era inoltre presente alle riunioni nel `70 quando il piano d'azione per la guerra del golfo degli anni `90 è stato progettato.

Earth could be blindsided by asteroids, panel warns

Panel leader Irwin Shapiro of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, says there is wide agreement on this point. “Pretty well everyone agrees now that [just] continuing with what we have, there's no way we could reach the 2020 goal,” he told New Scientist.

The report also points out that existing surveys are designed to gradually build up a catalogue of near-Earth objects over time, not to watch out for incoming asteroids that are just days or weeks from colliding with our planet.

Small asteroids could easily slip past existing surveys unnoticed until the moment of collision because telescopes currently devoted to the task are only capable of imaging a small part of the sky each night. And even then, clouds can prevent them from spotting asteroids, says Timothy Spahr of the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a central clearinghouse for asteroid and comet data.