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The Sun blasted out at least 16 coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in eight days (Aug. 20-27, 2012) as observed by a coronagraph on the STEREO (Ahead) spacecraft. These came from several active regions on the Sun.

Il sole ha emesso almeno 16 espulsioni di massa coronale in otto giorni, dal 20 al 27 agosto, da diverse regioni attive.

The cascading clouds of particles are visually impressive and impressive in scope: the average CME carries about a billion tons of particles into space at over one million miles per hour. This pace is another signal that the Sun is approaching its maximum period of activity. The video clip consists of over 900 frames: a cadence of an image every 15 minutes.

Le nubi di particelle sono impressionanti: l'espulsione media trasporta circa un miliardo di tonnellate di particelle nello spazio ad oltre un milione di miglia orarie. Questo è altro segnale che il sole si avvicina al suo massimo.

Note: this view is from 2/3 of the way around the Sun's right limb, as seen from Earth, because of Ahead's current position.