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si se uno vuole essere aperto ad accettare come fatto anche qualcosa che ha sempre creduto come favola 😉

diverse persone mi hanno risposto in merito al disclosure project, che quei testimoni hanno bisogno di soldi e quindi raccontano fesserie…fai te

Testimony that Explains the Secrecy
Merle Shane McDow: US Navy Atlantic Command
Lt. Col.
Charles Brown: US Air Force (Ret.)
“Dr. B”
Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt: US Marine Corps
Maj. George A. Filer, III: US Air Force (Ret.)
Nick Pope: British Ministry of Defense Official
Larry Warren: US Air Force, Security Officer
Sgt. Clifford Stone: US Army
Master Sgt. Dan Morris: US Air Force, NRO Operative
A.H.: Boeing Aerospace Employee
Officer Alan Godfrey: British Police
Sgt. Karl Wolf: US Air Force
Ms. Donna Hare: NASA Employee
Mr. John Maynard: DIA Official
Dr. Robert Wood: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer
Glen Dennis: NM UFO Crash Witness
Sgt. Leonard Pretko: US Air Force
Dr. Roberto Pinotti: Italian UFO expert
Dr. Paul Czysz: McDonnell Douglas Career Engineer
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
John Callahan: FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations
Michael Smith: US Air Force Radar Controller
Franklin Carter: US Navy Radar Technician
Neil Daniels: United Airlines Pilot
Lt. Frederick Fox: US Navy Pilot
Captain Robert Salas: US Air Force, SAC Launch Controller
Prof. Robert Jacobs: US Air Force
Harry Allen Jordan: US Navy
James Kopf: US Navy Crypto Communications

Witness Testimony
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: May 1998
Monsignor Corrado Balducci: September 2000

Radar and Pilot Cases
FAA Division Chief John Callahan
Sgt. Chuck Sorrells: US Air Force (ret.)
Mr. Michael W. Smith: US Air Force
Commander Graham Bethune: US Navy (ret.)
Mr. Enrique Kolbeck: Senior Air Traffic Controller,
Dr. Richard Haines
Mr. Franklin Carter: US Navy
Neil Daniels: Airline Pilot
Sgt. Robert Blazina (ret.)
Lieutenant Frederick Marshall Fox: US Navy (ret.)
Captain Massimo Poggi
Lt. Bob Walker: US Army
Mr. Don Bockelman: US Army