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ammettendo che sia vero, non penso che lo vedremmo come il Sole, ma dovremmo eventualmente cercare info sull'energia che emette in base ai rilevamenti delle sonde…

But Galileo found that Io's atmosphere also glows. “The glow is bright enough that someone riding on Galileo could see it with his naked eye
,” says Paul Geissler, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona. The greenish glow in the center of Io's disk is thought to be caused by high-speed particles that batter the moon's atmospheric oxygen or sodium gas–the particles are trapped in Jupiter's powerful magnetic field.

The bright bluish areas to the left and right are the points closest to and farthest from Jupiter; electricity generated by Jupiter's magnetic field arcs to Io's surface

But why is the Great Red Spot red? “It's difficult to make red clouds; it's an uncommon thing in atmospheres,” says Taylor, who hopes two more years' worth of data will solve the riddle. “But it may be that what we need is another probe actually dropping into the Red Spot to make the right kinds of measurements to answer that question.”

The tops of the clouds we see are incredibly dynamic. Jupiter spins more than twice as fast as the Earth, and is 11 times the diameter, so the Coriolis effect – which powers the spin of hurricanes on Earth — is hugely more effective on Jupiter. Also, unlike the Earth which gets most of its heat from the Sun, Jupiter is very warm inside, [color=#990000]and so the atmosphere is heated both from above and from below[/color].


This makes, obviously, for a messy, messy, world. Understanding Jupiter’s complex dynamics will keep atmospheric scientists employed for centuries… probably sponsored by Clearasil.