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Russian Indigo girl invents high-tech Venus rover

Indigo children have become one of the most talked about subjects in the world recently. It is rumored that indigo children will take the human civilization to a higher level of development.

One may have a different approach to this idea, but it is hard to deny the inrush of talents in the young generation. The exhibition of innovations of schoolchildren, “A Step to the Future” became another evidence to prove it.

There was always a crowd of people near the stand of Anna Shvetsova, an 11th-grader from Noginsk. The silvery disk, reminiscent to either a UFO or two bowls glued together, crawls on the floor. Anna uses a remote control to make the bowls crawl near her feet.

The toy is actually a model of a spacecraft that could land on Venus. “There is an engine inside the rover . The engine is designed on the base of Tolchin’s inertioid,” the girl said. ..