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Ho contattato Filipov e gli ho indicato il lavoro di Haramein visto che stanno cercando di decifrare i cropcircles
mi ha segnalato il loro sito http://www.ourplanet.cc/



– First phase questions –
1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (questions 6 and 11)
2. Prof. Dr. Maria Zlateva biothechnology and microbiology, President of Intereco- 21 Federation (question 7)
3. Prof. DSc Garo Mardirossian, Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and lecturer at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia (question 5)
4. Prof. Vrubka Orbezova, Dr of Medicine and Pathobiochemestry (questions 8 and 9)
5. Prof. Veselina Ilieva Dr of biophysics (question 10)
6. Ass.Prof. Diana Gergova, archeologist at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (question 14)
7. Ass.Prof. Veselka Zafirova at the History Faculty at the Sofia University St K. Ohridsky (question 12)
8. Evgenia Kozhuharova, senior research fellow geologist at Institute of Geology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (question 4)
9. Architect Maria Karazlateva, lecturer at the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesics in Sofia (question 13)
10. Vesela Traikova, Dr. of history at the Institute of History at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (question 16)

– Second phase questions –
1. Mariana Vezneva, architect, associated member of the IAI
2. Albena Staneva, ecologist and lecturer at the Institute of Air Transport in Sofia
3. Rumiana Christova, gynecologist, Head of Birth Department
4. Ass.Prof. Dr. Kyril Paleshutskee, South-West University
5. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Prof. Head of Theater and Film University
6. Konstantin Zlatev, Dr Theosophy and Religion
7. Jordan Tassev, Assoc.Prof.

Michael Glickman, crop circles researcher, former architect, UK (question 15)
nel sito ci sono le interpretazioni delle risposte secondo questo team

Q.The energy sources will be exhausted in the future, the global warming will lead to draught and war for water and food supply. How we can manage the energy crises?
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Lachezar Filipov

Answer in 2 crop circles formations

We, the crop circle intelligence, want a dialogue with you in order to help you sustain the life of our planet. Create a center for mental – pictogram communication with us, in the beginning with seven people. Later on it will grow up into a network of supporters who will work for preserving our planet from self distraction and global annihilation.

Q. The physical genetic code is located in the nuclear DNA. Where are the locations of the energy code and the information code? In the physical body or in the outer body? What are mind, soul, spirit and thought?
Prof. Vrubka Orbezova

Answer in 1 crop circle formation

The energy and information code of the human genes are located in the Heart chakra

me le guardo con calma ma ci vedo dentro un poco di allarmismo…