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grandeeee ! 😉
Ecco la zona di cui parlano Dmitriev e Wilcock, che se non erro venne anche definita “cintura fotonica” accantonata come barzelletta new age

A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System

December 23, 2009: The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist. In the Dec. 24th issue of Nature, a team of scientists reveal how NASA's Voyager spacecraft have solved the mystery.

Ripassatevi le parole di Wilcock a questo punto 😉

Uno dei fenomeni paranormali piú diffusi in presenza di variazione del Campo magnetico sembrano essere le “allucinazioni visive”

The aa magnetic index over the period 1868-89 and concurrent visual hallucinatory activity were found to covary…Magnetic influences on the pineal hormone, melatonin, are suggested as a possible source of variation.”