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“Bohmian metaphysics : the implicate order and other arcana
Quantum theory is currently our most fundamental theory of matter and Bohm suggests that, whenontologically interpreted, it reveals a proto-mental aspect of matter. This is the quantum field,described mathematically by the wave function, which is governed by the Schr¨odinger equation.Bohm’s suggestion is known as panprotopsychism.. so at least you learned a new word today..!”

Information content in conscious thought constitutes subtle level of information that acts signasomatically‘downwards’ in hierarchy of levels, ultimately reaching quantum level of information

Normally in QM this ‘back-action’ is not taken into account. The wave guides
the particles but back-action of particle onto wave not systematically calculated.
Of course, the back-action is physically real since particle movement determines
initial conditions for next round of calculation. But there is no systematic way to
characterize such feedback. One reason this works in practice is that for systems
that are not self-organizing the back-action may not exert any systematic effect.

Bohm thus suggests inanimate matter, life, and consciousness – all of which have
their ground in the holomovement – have a similar causal architecture.

Approximately nobody likes pilot-wave theory. Why?
Well, 95%+ of physicists have never heard of it, because it is not taught in universities (there arevery few courses like this currently offered worldwide – probably something like three). We have onlyjust emerged from the era where students interested in pilot-wave theory were subject to career-endingthreats from their professors. In many places, that attitude still exists. What is the reason for this?

«Perché in assenza di un impianto teorico che spieghi come e perché sia possibile, si crea un guaio. Nei mesi successivi alla misurazione la comunità scientifica si è mobilitata per dare una spiegazione».

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