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“Jason Verbelli, that works for Professor John Searl, sent me this:
Keshe…. The same old broken promises. If everybody can build his plasma reactors (of which he gave everyone 10 days to implement worldwide) why is he selling them for €599 without giving one shred of evidence that it actually delivers some output?! http://l.facebook.com/…/9602649_Keshe-timeline-of-lack-of-…/
When Fernando Morris visited with Keshe June 23, 2015 to give the 67 Knowledge Seekers Workshop talk… Keshe didn’t have one thing to show. Yet two days after Fernando left, Keshe claimed that he had a bunch of working plasma reactors producing thousands of watts?! (of which he STILL can’t demonstrate)
Here is a video showing more experimentation than Keshe has ever done himself by youtube user ZeroFossilFuel (Martin Brasche). Martin followed the instructions Exactly as Keshe gave them… http://l.facebook.com/l/BAQGcS1tnAQFx0fJQTHcV…/…/1JNTYbETEFo
An update as of 10/19/2015 from ZeroFossilFuel on Keshe’s “gans” in the full set-up.https://l.facebook.com/…/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwa…
Just happened to see that Keshe raised the price from €599 to €799 too. What is the justification for the price increase all of a sudden? (Mandatory donations? lol… isn’t that just a fee?)http://l.facebook.com/…/shop-et-li…/kf-products/150706104205
And wtf is Keshe talking about here listed on his site:”With this product, you are able to support a fully electric car.As shown on the 68th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, this unit can increase gas milage on your standard gasoline engine as well. From orders received so far, less than 10% have taken the opportunity to donate. As per Mr. Keshe instructions, the price has changed to 799.99EUR, to make the donation mandentory. You must fill in the donation location on the top of the page. This is to support your own governments in the transition to the new technology.”
How does charging more for a “mandentory” (misspelled) donation somehow support a person’s own government?!?Keshe would give the extra €200 to the person’s government from where ever they purchased it? How would that work? …. or would he just keep an extra €200 for himself?
“As shown on the 68th workshop…”NOTHING WAS SHOWN EXCEPT KESHE’S IGNORANCE AND EGO!! There were NO demonstrations shown, no comparison of gas engine, electric engine, No plasma reactors, or ANYthing!!
Edited 67 workshophttps://l.facebook.com/…/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwa…
Full 68 workshop showing a soot covered wire…. NO demos. Only Keshe CONSTANTLY interrupting his own guest and walking in front of the camera just to be seen: https://l.facebook.com/…/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwa…
Oh yeah.. here’s my favorite…The alleged flying car. Keshe says THIS video is showing his plasma reactors in action. He says there is one reactor at each tire making the car fly!! http://l.facebook.com/l/zAQFKJxaSAQE0n9dzKl9E…/…/oBAcRbOkS6M
All he did was put his logo in the lower right-hand corner of somebody’s promotional video. This is a thin Styrofoam life-size car filled with helium, painted to look real complete with drone propellers and remote control.
Here’s another from a car dealership: http://l.facebook.com/l/6AQHsUaQDAQFYFhMC6la-…/…/DP1EJprI_R8And another: http://l.facebook.com/l/eAQH4ae50AQFGc7x8ODs8…/…/V_x0LY6yIl0And another.. http://l.facebook.com/l/wAQFabUquAQEcRwR-Fkaf…/…/NNPPirpV2DMAnd another… http://l.facebook.com/l/NAQFh0umXAQHX_E-ESXUR…/…/3MIte-tjdmEAnd another…. http://l.facebook.com/l/MAQF1HhMGAQGPPjkFZw17…/…/-0ENHPsEpZk
During the 67 workshop, Keshe thought he could teach John Searl how to build the Searl Effect Generator better, faster and cheaper….. yet Keshe knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Searl’s technology or perspectives.
Keshe: “You don’t need neodymium metal to build the SEG, all you need is the neodymium atom.”
Me: “uuuhhh…. But a neodymium atom by definition IS a metal..”
Keshe: “You don’t need the neodymium material to make an SEG, you only need the plasma of neodymium.”
Me: “uuuhhh…. But plasma is the 4th state of matter.Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma.Plasma applies to ionized gases. In order to ‘get plasma’ from something, you need to electrify a gas. (Like a neon bulb)Neodymium is a solid metal. So you would need to melt it at high temperatures. And inside an argon gas chamber or the neodymium will explode and burn up. Then after it’s a molten liquid, you need to heat it up even more until it evaporates. Then ionize the evaporated gases from there. So How much energy would that take to get the neodymium to that state and keep it there?!?” You can’t just “get plasma” from a solid metal… lolNuclear physicist?!? O_o
Keshe asked Fernando Morris, John Searl and myself to use the lab at Searl Magnetics to build his plasma reactors and test his theories for him.….. yet he said on camera in that lecture that he is going to fund All of Searl’s work. (Keshe doesn’t have any money himself… and if he did, why wouldn’t he build his own stuff himself. Why have other people do it for him…)
Keshe seems to think that soot somehow = graphene. LOLTake a butter knife and hold it over the flame of a stove.The knife will turn black. Keshe does this with copper wires and says that the blackness coating the wire is graphene. Then it makes the wire into a superconductor…Soot and char is carbon, but it’s not graphene. He doesn’t know the difference?By that logic, the inside of your chimney is a giant superconductor that can power your whole city!!(yet he doesn’t know the difference between capacitor and conductor?)
Nuclear physicist? YEAH RIGHT!!!!
He claims he got his nuclear degree from Queens College in London. Yet Queens college has never offered any nuclear courses. O_o
In 2012, Keshe said he brought down a US drone using the plasma reactor technology. I was at that conference. The alchemy event conference in Los Angeles April 29, 2012. I know because my presentation was cut short to have Keshe skype from Belgium. He called himself Mr. X. because he was afraid of getting assassinated if using his real name… (which he announced shortly after the call started)
The audience insisted I get my time which I ended up getting after the lunch. I’ve listened to Keshe since 2012 and have Never resonated with him. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151035179118302&set=a.374187483301.155631.683583301&type=3&theater
He claims to have had an assassination attempt on his life from someone sending an arsenic laced letter in the mail to Belgium. Yet when the paper was tested, there was like 1000 times less arsenic than a common can of sardines. You can eat a few cans of sardines and be just fine. So, how Keshe claimed to get arsenic poisoning from his finger tips touching a piece of paper is mind boggling.Keshe also claims he was kidnapped by the Canadian government when really Customs just wouldn’t let him through.
Did you know that back in 2009, Keshe was pre-selling tickets to the Moon for a 2016/ 2017 trip?http://l.facebook.com/…/web.archive.org/…/…/moon_trip.html(Wonder if he has any bridges for sale too) O_o
I know a man named Neil who paid for Keshe’s books about 6 months ago and has still not received them. (If you’re going to charge money for something…make sure you deliver on your word as a man and also to display good business.)
Rather than give a demonstration of the reactors as promised last year, Keshe gave a talk explaining how he was the Messiah here to save mankind: http://l.facebook.com/…/9602473_Mehran-Tavakoli-Keshe_Anno…/
More unsubstantiated claims and facts about Keshe from Energetic Forum:http://l.facebook.com/…/renewa…/13583-facts-about-keshe.html