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The enemy system
Jhon Mack

..Philosopher and psychologist Sam Keen asks why it is that in virtually every war “The enemy is seen as less than human? He’s faceless. He’s an animal”.” Keen tries to answer his question: “The image of the enemy is not only the soldier’s most powerful weapon; it is society’s most powerful weapon. It enables people en masse to participate in acts of violence they would never consider doing as individuals”.[12] National leaders become skilled in presenting the adversary in dehumanized images. The mass media, taking their cues from the leadership, contribute powerfully to the process…

..The nuclear age has spawned a new kind of myth. This is best exemplified by the United States’ strategic defense initiative. This celestial fantasy offers protection from attack by nuclear warheads, faith here being invested not in a god but in an anti-nuclear technology of lasers, satellites, mirrors, and so on in the heavens…



K: Ok, però hai lavorato con individui delle MILAB, che hanno subito rapimenti militari. Li conosci?

D: Non ho mai lavorato con abductions militari.

K: Non hai mai avuto questa esperienza?

D: Mai…In 25 anni, mai una…
Le interviste del Project Camelot – Dolores Cannon: Convoluted Universe

Dovrebbero dibattere tra “esperti” di diverso parere ed esperienza
Purtroppo John Mack non c'è più..
Però ci sono i suoi colleghi presso l'Istituto John Mack e stanno facendo un documentario sul caso in Africa


Io non voglio nè l'alieno “parassita” se esistesse
ma nemmeno il cartello militare della guerra parassita che inventa dei nemici continuamente e questo esiste