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l'importante è sicuramente che non ci caschino addosso..

At this moment the comet disintegrated into a large number of small fragments, which we may be able to see with the large telescope at the early October;

The fragments of the comet did not change it path and will be flying by orbit of the comet, i.e., not will come to the Earth closer than 35 000 000 km;

Currently the comet Elenin is not visible on the images from the SOHO and STEREO spacecrafts;

Comet visible on images from the spacecraft STEREO-B (HI-1 camera) is comet 45P / (Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova);

Comet Elenin, even if not disintegrated, do not eclipse the Sun, the density of a comet’s gas envelopes (coma) is negligible and earthly observer would not have noticed this event;

The Earth will not pass through the tail of the comet, because at now it does not exist;

The comet will not cause and couldn’t do any harm to us and our planet.


Conferenza stampa della NASA giovedì 29 settembre sugli asteroidi
http://technews.it/SBeTK :ummmmm:

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