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The physical model of time-less Quantum Vacuum so far developed [7,8] is able to give the theoretical background to explain and test some of the most interesting as mysterious psi phenomena like psyching teleporting (PT) and telepathy (TP). The so – called PT substantially indicates a type of remote sensing in which the subject is able to move physical objects at distance without interacting with them through the known “traditional” channels but only using the power of mind. In some versions of PT physical objects can be dematerialized and then instantaneously reappear at distant places without any structural or compositional modifications. These extraordinary phenomena have been experimentally documented in a lot of well – posed scientific studies (some of which also published in recognized scientific journals while others only recently made public) [9,10] carried out in the USA, Soviet Union and then in China since the 1970s. In some of these very interesting experiments a radio transmitter, emitting very regular (in frequency and amplitude) pulses was installed inside the object to be teleported. The pulses registration, performed during the experiment, shown the presence of strong oscillation (both in amplitude and phase) of radio pulses during the starting of teleporting, then they disappear during the teleport itself to reappear at the instant when the object recomposed itself at a remote location. All these tests are also documented by videos synchronized with the pulses registration. Telepathy, on the other hand, concerns to the ability to instantaneously “transmit” mind states at distance to other subjects without directly communicating with them. The studies about telepathy are less systematic but rather revealing and well documented as, in particular, those performed by Radin [11] evidencing a good reproducibility and then a high scientific reliability. From a physical point of view both TP and PT appear as non–local phenomena. In TP information is instantaneously transmitted without a “direct” known interaction between two locations A and B. By PT an object is transported from location A to location B via unknown medium. The only known physical mechanism able to explain, although not still exhaustively, features of psychic teleporting and telepathy, is quantum entanglement (QE). Timeless quantum vacuum is the medium of immediate information transfer by QE and telepathy and is the medium of on object teleportation by psychic teleporting.