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non dico che Sharon menta occhio…

dico che ci sono molte cose ancora non cosi chiare

dal libro di Orfeo Angelucci ad esempio, hanno bisogno di un chip per trovarci ?

A flying disk is maneuvering over a city, or some area of the Earth. Every living thing
and all their vibrations, seen and unseen by the naked eye, are picked up by the
transmitting disk, which in turn relays these impressions back to the mother ship
. There it
is all permanently recorded on crystal instruments in detail.
Most of these scanning and recording operations are conducted when the disks are
entirely invisible to us. When we do see them, they are usually just capering for us, or for
some particular individual, to whom the display reveals a message, or an awakening.
Both, spiritual and physical evolution upon Earth is timed, and is in gradual steps. Space
visitors are in no hurry, and they enter in the evolution gradually, in the timing permitted
them by cosmic rhythm and law.

Yes, indeed, the flying disks are both receiving and sending units. They are three-
dimensional camera, television, radio, and motive entities, all in one. In fact, they are
practically a synthetic brain
, lacking only consciousness itself. Their manipulation is intrinsic and seemingly boundless. We on Earth are close to arriving at this technology in
the realm of hypothesis, at least.


sto cercando un punto in cui spiega che ogni entità è registrata nell'universo e gli ufo sono come “in rete”