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sempre dal libro di Angelucci

I distinctly remember the voice making some such statement as this: “Interplanetary ships
and saucers of various material densities can approximate the speed of light. This seems
impossible to you only because of a natural principle which has not yet been discovered
by your scientists. Also,[size=18] the Speed of Light is the Speed of Truth. This statement is
presently unintelligible to Earth's peoples, but is a basic cosmic axiom.

“Approaching the speed of light, the Time dimension, as known upon Earth, becomes
non-existent; hence in this comparatively new dimension there are incredibly rapid means
of space travel which are beyond man's comprehension. Also, within the Records of
Light are to be found a complete history of Earth and of every entity which has
incarnated upon it.

In answer, I heard these words: “That would be the way of the entities of your Earth,
Orfeo, but it is not our way. Primarily because we function in dimensions unknown to
man and hence interpret all things differently. Also, because there are planetary and
cosmic laws as implacable as the natural laws of Earth.

“Cosmic law actively prevents one planet from interfering with the evolution of any other
planet. In other words, Orfeo, Earth must work out its own destiny! We will do
everything in our power to aid the people of Earth, but we are definitely and greatly
limited by cosmic law. It is because the life evolution in its present stage of material advancement upon Earth is endangered that we have made our re-appearance in the atmosphere of your planet. The danger is far greater
than Earth's people realize. The 'enemy' prepares in vast numbers and in secret