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Aggiornamenti sul QEG in Marocco, fino al 4 maggio il rendimento è stato del 35%, a fronte di un consumo di 1 kW l'uscita è stata di 350W.

A quick update on this “from the ground”. I have been in Morocco building the QEG for the past 10 days, and arrived home yesterday.

I am an engineer and am independent of the QEG group. I went out to Morocco to be involved in the QEG build and to make independent 3rd party measurements. As suggested by Justin & Julian's comments, this video represents only the first step in truly testing the claims of the QEG – it was the first time it was turned on, and was completely un-tuned. We measured this un-tuned set-up using voltage/current probes on an oscilloscope and showed about 1000W power from the wall, and 350W across the load (in this case 3 x 100W bulbs), so a COP (co-efficiency of performance) of about 35%. This was a few days ago, and in this set-up we would not expect a COP greater than than 100% even when tuned because the circuit is not complete.