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la storia è scritta qui

o qui

qui si cerca di capire chi sia questo presunto scienziato

Sim D. Lessley of the Chemistry Department of the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, contributed to our search for the facts behind bizarre statements attributed to one “N. Jerome Stowell” (Aug. 1974 ASA News, p. 6), Sim sent us a copy of an evangelistic tract he picked up in the Portland, Oregon, area about eight years ago. It includes the entire text of The Strange Testimony of a Scientist plus an opening and a closing paragraph not in the version Fred Kremkau sent us, This version is entitled A Scientist Discovers God: The Testimony of Dr. Jerome Stowell. It seems to be tract number M4-27, available from “Old Paths Tract Society, Shoals, Indiana.” The credit line says “Taken from The Midnight Cry.”

Bill Sisterson, ASA Executive Secretary, says that a number of other members have written to inquire about this tract. Readers of ASA News who have any information about the authenticity of the alleged experiment or about author N. Jerome Stowell are invited to help us track this down. ASA News (762 Arlington Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707) wants to help presentations of the truth in Christ remain free from scientific error and distortion.

Dalle ricerche ne deduco che non si sa chi sia e che qualcuno ha scritto questa storiella inventata che ancora gira allegramente..