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Amazing new discoveries about the properties of water could revolutionize our world!

Filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed some of the amazing properties of water– it may actually have memory and consciousness, he said. Human beings are mostly made up of water and he suggested that restructured water could have healing properties on their bodies.

Following up on the groundbreaking work of Masaru Emoto, Sereda exposed water to the sounds of the sun, and the water crystals changed to a beatific shape. A subject drank restructured water and their blood cells showed a healthy response, and prayer/intention directed at water can beneficially alter its structure, he detailed. Such water must be drank right away as the restructuring may be temporary, he added.

Could water itself be a kind of memory system, actually containing the Akashic Records?, Sereda pondered. He noted in addition to healing, structured water could potentially be useful in exploring nuclear fusion, reclaiming polluted areas, and developing “super sensors”– instantaneous signals that can be sent out into the galaxy.

Una ricerca veloce su internet iniziata in seguito ad una foto vista su facebook, mi ha portato a questo video che parla del lavoro di Masaru Emoto

allora, a proposito di film e serie che precorrono i tempi, mi è subito venuto in mente questo:

pare che l'esperimento con il riso venga benissimo anche fatto in casa!