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Studio in Russia conferma che gli integratori vitaminici nella giusta misura e io aggiungo, ciclizzando,fanno bene e proteggono

Fifteen healthy volunteers have eaten this mixture twice a day. “Healthy” in this case means that these people weren’t exposed to X-rays for several months, haven’t suffered from viral diseases and had no contact with harmful chemical factors. During the experiment volunteers led their usual life and ate food they were used to, but submitted their blood for analysis three times: before the research started, in two weeks after the start and in 30 days after the start. Scientists tested blood samples for vitamin content and cultivated blood cells.

Thirty days of consuming vitamins resulted in growing concentration of these substances in blood, but not all of them, only antioxidants, which are vitamins C, E and carotenoids. No additional spontaneous defects in leukocyte chromosomes were detected during the course of vitamins, thus researchers concluded that investigated mixture of vitamins and minerals wasn’t mutagenic. Moreover, scientists suggest that long-term ingestion of vitamins and minerals can protect an organism from mutagenic impact of such chemicals as cadmium chloride and dioxidinum. Such a suggestion appeared after researchers added chemical mutagens into leukocyte cultures. Cells of volunteers, who took vitamins regularly, showed less chromosome aberrations than before the experiment started.

Researchers recommend taking more mixture of mentioned vitamins and minerals for improving human resistance for environmental mutagenic loads. Protective effect depends both on ingestion period (the longer, the better) and dose of a mutagen. …