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Allora se cerchi la verità se sei un ricercatore hai degli indizi, cerca la relazione tra alcalinità e sviluppo del cancro, cerca che trovi:

Dr Johanna Budwig, six-time Nobel candidate [data obtained via reliable sources -not public], observed in many cancer patients a lack of certain nutrients, and thereby ellaborated a very effective therapy, which is being hidden by the establishment. It is funny that I already cited several times Robinson's study (Oregon State University), who cured melanoma in rats by changing their diet (Aging & Development, 1992). Just as I also mentioned, without knowing Budwig, that cancer is a problem of pH or purity/alkalinity of blood and of cell oxygenation, and it turns out that the Budwig diet and her grounded linseed work with these principles. Funny indeed. Linseed/flaxseed is the little seed of the flax tree, which has many therapeutic uses, especially when used as oil.

Here's a study that I've just seen, confirming what I say about pH and cancer, by Dr Harguindey, from the University of Navarra, confirming my thesis (Title transl: Cancer and its causes XVII. Cell alkalinity in the origin and progression of cancer).

Io credo che non ci sia nulla di nuovo sotto il sole..

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